Ackerson ADHD Clinic

The Ackerson ADHD Clinic conducts evaluations and provides ongoing therapeutic interventions for individuals age 4 and older who are having behavioral, academic, or occupational problems thought to be related to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

We provide targeted evaluations to determine whether or not individual meet criteria for an ADHD diagnosis, and if not, we assist them in exploring other alternatives for their symptoms and behaviors. Our evaluations are carefully designed for the individual, are based on the highest standards of practice, and include: 1) An initial interview; 2) Comprehensive testing of multiple areas of functioning; 3) A feedback session to review results and discuss recommendations; 4) A comprehensive report which presents the content of the assessment and individualized recommendations; and 5) If desired, additional follow-up sessions can be scheduled to assist with medication adjustment, treatment planning and monitoring, educational and/or occupational accommodations.